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Tiefling Lineage — Sahkil

Hey, there! Last time I presented a couatl lineage for aasimars and I figured there should be a counterpart to the lineage for tieflings. In my head canon, couatls and sahkils have been in conflict for some time, so it felt appropriate to use sahkils as inspiration for the lineage. I think I'm planning on doing some more lineages in the future, so I'd like to hear what creatures you want to see transformed into lineages or what versatile heritages are in need of more lineages. Anyway, let's have a look at the sahkil lineage!

Fearspawn Feat 1 Tiefling, Lineage Sahkils—horrifying fiends that revel in the fear of mortals—have some influence in your bloodline and you can tap into their manipulation of fear. You can use the Influence Fear reaction.

Influence Fear [reaction] Frequency once per minute Trigger A creature within 30 feet increases their frightened condition. You latch on to the fear and manipulate its magnitude. You increase or reduce the triggering creature’s frightened condition by 1. If you increase the condition, you gain a number of temporary Hit Points equal to the triggering creature’s level. These temporary Hit Points remain until the end of your next turn.

Sahkil Magic Feat 9 Tiefling Prerequisites Fearspawn You draw upon the terrifying power of sahkils to unleash upon your enemies. You can cast paranoia and silence each once per day as 2nd-level divine innate spells.

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