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Fighter Combat Focus, Part 4

A warrior wielding two swords stands atop rubble in the middle of a ruined city.
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One last post for the fighter combat focuses, following up what I posted last time. Let me know what you've thought of this experiment!

Supreme Focus 20th

You have mastered your technique. You gain an additional benefit depending on your combat focus.

Adaptation: Your experience keeps you on your toes, making you adaptable to even the most dangerous challenges. When you gain a bonus fighter feat during your daily preparations, you gain three fighter feats instead of two. While the first feat must still be 8th level or lower, the second feat can be up to 14th level, and the third feat can be up to 18th level. You can use the first feat to meet the prerequisites of the second or third feats and the second feat to meet the prerequisites of the third feat. You must meet all feats’ prerequisites. In addition, you can adapt to the battlefield’s challenges by spending 1 hour to train. If you do, you can reselect these bonus feats as if you had made your daily preparations. You can’t trade out limited-use abilities that you’ve already used, such as Determination.

Protection: You’re able to deflect attacks to minimize damage to your shield and yourself. When you use the Shield Block reaction, the remaining damage is split as evenly as possible between you and your shield. In cases where there is an uneven amount of damage, you take the higher value. For example, if you use a supreme sturdy shield to block an attack that deals 55 damage, your Shield Block reaction reduces the damage to 35. You would take 18 damage and your shield would take 17, rather than you and the shield each taking 35 damage.

Retaliation: Your reprisals are devastating. A successful Strike from an Attack of Opportunity gains the effects of your critical hits. This doesn’t double the damage of your Strike, but does apply your weapon’s critical specialization, additional effects from runes triggered by critical hits, and so on. If your Strike is a critical hit, the target becomes sickened 1 or increases their sickened value by 1 in addition to all other effects. The DC to remove the sickened condition is equal to your class DC.

Shifting: You’re constantly on the move between attacks. When you make a Strike, you can Step as a free action, either before or after you complete the Strike. This allows you to Step to put a foe into reach before making a Strike. In addition, your Speed increases by 10 feet.

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