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Fighter Combat Focus, Part 3

A warrior wielding two swords stands atop rubble in the middle of a ruined city.
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I have the next part of the fighter combat focuses, following up with the 9th level focuses from my last post. I have one more set of benefits left to share in the next post!

Major Focus 15th

You are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. You gain an additional benefit depending on your combat focus.

Adaptation: Your extensive experience gives you even greater ability to adapt to each day’s challenges. When you make your daily preparations, you can gain two fighter feats as bonus feats instead of one. While the first feat must still be 8th level or lower, the second feat can be up to 14th level, and you can use the first feat to meet the prerequisites of the second feat. You must meet all of the feats’ prerequisites.

Protection: Your shield is always at the ready. You constantly have your shield raised as if you’d used the Raise a Shield action, as long as you meet that action’s requirements. If you have the Paragon’s Guard feat, you gain an additional reaction at the start of each of your turns that you can only use to Shield Block.

Retaliation: Your reprisals leave your opponents reeling. If your Strike from an Attack of Opportunity hits, the target must attempt a Fortitude save against your class DC. On a failure, the target becomes slowed 1 (slowed 2 on a critical failure). Regardless of the result the target becomes temporarily immune for 1 minute.

Shifting: You find opportunities to maneuver around your foes as they attack you. You can Step as a reaction triggered by an opponent missing an attack targeting you. You gain an additional reaction at the start of each of your turns that you can only use to Step.


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