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Fighter Combat Focus, Part 2

A warrior wielding two swords stands atop rubble in the middle of a ruined city.
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Last time, I proposed the start of a "subclass" for the fighter. I have more to add to the subclass, so let's take a look!

Greater Focus 9th

Your skill in combat is apparent. You gain an additional benefit depending on your combat focus.

Adaptation: Through your experience in battle, you can prepare your tactics to suit different situations. When you make your daily preparations, you gain one fighter feat of 8th level or lower that you don’t already have as a bonus feat. You can use that bonus feat until your next daily preparations. You must meet all of the feat’s other prerequisites.

Protection: You and your shield are one and you can use your shield hand freely, even while defending yourself. The hand you use to wield a shield counts as a free hand for the purposes of the Interact action and Athletics actions like Grapple and Shove. You can also hold another object in this hand (but you still can’t use it to wield a weapon).

Retaliation: You’re adept at finding openings in your foes’ defenses. You gain Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat.

Shifting: You can maneuver around the battlefield without concern for counterattacks. When you Step, you can move up to 10 feet. Additionally, as long as you Stride no more than half your speed, the movement doesn’t trigger reactions.

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