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Aasimar Lineage — Couatl

After chatting with a friend who asked me for a way to play a couatl, I wanted to find some way to do just that! I don't think that couatls are appropriate as an ancestry, but there is another way to get that couatl connection: a lineage for aasimars! So, today, I have a pair of feats to make your aasimar much like Xiadani in Valiant, the 2E actual play podcast I run. Have a look!

Featherbound Feat 1 Aasimar, Lineage You can trace your lineage to couatls—winged serpents that serve good deities and aid mortals to achieve their potential. This connection allows you to take the skies, if only for a moment, much like your forbearers. You can use the Couatl Leap action.

Couatl Leap [three-actions] Frequency once per day You make a mighty jump, pushing against the air like the wings of a couatl. You High Jump or Long Jump. If you High Jump, you automatically get a critical success. If you Long Jump, you can automatically Leap the maximum horizontal distance you could normally travel plus an additional 5 feet. You also gain the effects of feather fall until the start of your next turn.

Couatl Magic Feat 9 Aasimar Prerequisites Featherbound You can call forth the magic couatls use to combat evil. You can cast invisibility and restoration each once per day as 2nd-level divine innate spells.

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