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New Ancestry: Rabbitfolk, Part 4—Equipment

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

(Hey! If you're reading this, my rabbitfolk ancestry has levelled up! If you want more rabbitfolk goodies, you should check out Ancestries Unleashed: Rabbitfolk! This product includes everything you can find on my blog here, and includes new ancestry feats and items!)

In my last post, I featured a set of feat that allowed rabbitfolk access to rabbitfolk weapons. It would be very mean of me to tease new rabbitfolk weapons and never actually give those out, so this time around I have just that. Let's take a look at some rabbitfolk gear!

Rabbitfolk Gear

Rabbitfolk make use of a number of different items, both mundane and magical. The following are some of the equipment common among rabbitfolk communities.

Rabbitfolk Weapons

Rabbitfolk typically use lighter weapons that allow them to take advantage of their agility. This includes the likes of smaller axes, hammers, and swords as well as smaller ranged weapons like shortbows. Rabbitfolk have also developed a few weapons of their own design, which are presented here.

Weapon Traits

Rabbitfolk weapons can have the following traits.

Dashing: The weapon benefits from a lead-up run before thrown. If you moved at least 10 feet on the action before your attack, add a circumstance bonus to damage for that attack equal to the number of damage dice for the weapon. In addition, if you moved at least 10 feet on the action before your attack, you treat the weapon’s range increment as 10 feet farther.

Rabbitfolk: Rabbitfolk craft and use these weapons. 

Warren Knife Item 0 Uncommon, Agile, Dashing, Finesse, Rabbitfolk, Thrown 10 Ft., Versatile (S) Price 1 gp Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L Warren knives are specialized blades shaped to fly moderate distances through the air. Rabbitfolk use their speed to give their warren knives an extra bit of power and distances when they throw them. It deals 1d4 piercing damage. A warren knige is a martial melee weapon in the knife weapon group.

Warren Spade Item 0 Uncommon, Agile, Rabbitfolk, Sweep, Versatile (B)

Price 1 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

A warren spade is a specialized digging tool that rabbitfolk use to dig out their warrens and the tunnel networks that connect these homes. They resemble a large spade, though they are still smaller than a standard shovel. The smaller size allows a rabbitfolk to dig out a cramped tunnel without the need for a large range of movement. It deals 1d6 slashing damage. A warren spade is a martial one-handed melee weapon in the axe weapon group.

Magic Items

Rabbitfolk use some of the following magic items.

Bouncing Rune 3+ Evocation, Magical Usage etched onto a thrown weapon

When you make a thrown Strike with this weapon, it immediately rebounds toward another enemy within 10 feet of the original target. Make an additional Strike against this second target at a –2 penalty. Both attacks count toward your multiple attack penalty, but the penalty doesn’t increase until after you’ve made both attacks. If the weapon also has a returning rune or your thrown attacks have some other way of returning to your hand, the weapon makes its rebound Strike first before returning to you.

Type bouncing; Level 3; Price 55 gp

Type greater bouncing; Level 8; Price 475 gp

The weapon rebounds toward an enemy within 20 feet of the original and you do not have a penalty when making a Strike against the second target.

Springing Boots Item 2+ Invested, Magical, Transmutation Usage worn shoes; Bulk L These light shoes are made from cloth and feature a thick cushion that helps with jumping. These boots give you a +1 item bonus to Athletics checks to High Jump and Long Jump. In addition, you don’t automatically fail your checks to High Jump or Long Jump if you don’t Stride at least 10 feet first. Finally, you treat falls as 10 feet shorter.

Type lesser springing boots; Level 2; Price 35 gp

Type springing boots; Level 7; Price 340 gp

The bonus to High Jump and Long Jump is +2 and you treat falls as 25 feet shorter.

Type greater springing boots; Level 12; Price 1,850 gp

The bonus to High Jump and Long Jump is +3 and you treat falls as 50 feet shorter.

Type major springing boots; Level 17; Price 14,000 gp

The bonus to High Jump and Long Jump is +4 and you treat falls as 100 feet shorter.

And that's it! With the gear in tow, you have everything you need to play rabbitfolk. Have fun!


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