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Ancestry Exemplar Feats, Part 6—Human

Finally, rounding out the ancestry are those classic humans.  Everyone knows them and a lot of people play them, it turns out. Humans are usually touted as the ancestry with the most potential for adaptation and to influence the their own destinies to change the world. I figured I'd lean into that a bit and give humans the power to keep going in even the most dire times. I didn't take the time to offer options for half-elves or half-orcs, but if you'd like to see those, let me know!

Some individuals are able to tap into the potential of their ancestry with such prowess, they are capable of exceptional feats. The following feats allow characters to use abilities that represent their status of paragons of their ancestry. Each of the following ancestry exemplar feats have the exemplar trait.

Exemplar (trait) An ancestry feat with the exemplar trait represents ancestral abilities that are particularly powerful. A feat with this trait can be selected with a class feat or an ancestry feat. When using a class feat to select a feat with the exemplar trait, you select the feat in place of the class feat. When using an ancestry feat to select a feat with the exemplar trait, you must be at least twice the level of the feat. For example, you must be at least 12th level to select a 6th level feat with the exemplar trait as an ancestry feat.

Human Exemplar Feats

The following ancestry exemplar feats are available to humans.

Quick Adaptation [one-action] Feat 6

Exemplar, Human

Frequency once per day

You use what you know already know to help you with something new. Select one skill. Your proficiency rank with that skill temporarily increases to the highest rank in a different skill that uses the same ability modifier. For example, if you selected Thievery, your rank in the skill would match the proficiency rank in Acrobatics or Stealth. This increase in rank lasts for 1 minute.

Heroic Influence [two-actions] Feat 18

Exemplar, Human

Frequency once per day

You have control of your destiny and can help others to shape their futures as well. You grant the effects of 6th-level heroism to yourself and up to 5 allies within 30 feet.

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