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Ancestry Exemplar Feats, Part 2—Elf

I'm going to continue my exemplar feat series! This time, I have exemplar feats for elves. I wanted to tie into the long lives that elves have along with the grace and fluid movement that's noted in their ancestry information.  

Some individuals are able to tap into the potential of their ancestry with such prowess, they are capable of exceptional feats. The following feats allow characters to use abilities that represent their status of paragons of their ancestry. Each of the following ancestry exemplar feats have the exemplar trait.

Exemplar (trait) An ancestry feat with the exemplar trait represents ancestral abilities that are particularly powerful. A feat with this trait can be selected with a class feat or an ancestry feat. When using a class feat to select a feat with the exemplar trait, you select the feat in place of the class feat. When using an ancestry feat to select a feat with the exemplar trait, you must be at least twice the level of the feat. For example, you must be at least 12th level to select a 6th level feat with the exemplar trait as an ancestry feat.

Elven Exemplar Feats

The following ancestry exemplar feats are available to elves.

Graceful Stride [two-actions] Feat 6 Elf, Exemplar Using your elven grace, you move throughout the battlefield without fear of your enemies being able to touch you. You Stride without triggering reactions that are triggered by your movement (such as Attacks of Opportunity). You can use Graceful Stride while Flying or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.

Ancient Knowledge [two-actions] Feat 18 Elf, Exemplar Frequency once per day You have learned and mastered many lifetimes worth of experience. You call upon this knowledge to gain a single class feat for 1 minute. If the class feat is for your class, it must be a feat no higher than your character level –2. Your class is the class you chose at 1st level and multiclass archetypes are not considered your class. If the class feat is for a different class, it must be a feat no higher than half your level.

You do not need to meet the prerequisites for any class feat you gain with Ancient Knowledge, but all other restrictions and requirements for the feat are still in place, including any limited uses of the feat. This must means you must still be able to Cast a Spell for feats that require it, such as if you take the wizard’s Reach Spell feat. You must also have the appropriate required ability or class feature to make use of a feat, such as requiring the fighter’s Knockdown feat to make use of the Improved Knockdown feat or the sneak attack feature if you take the rogue’s Twist the Knife feat. 

You innately know whether or not you will be able to make use of a feat, as determined by the GM, so you run no risk of accidentally gaining a feat that you can’t use.

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